Monday, October 27, 2014

(Video) Remembering "A Time for Choosing"

As I noted in the prior post, today is the 50th anniversary of Ronald Reagan giving his "A Time for Choosing" speech.

Watch as the Reagan Foundation analyzes the greatest political speech of the 20th century.

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Anonymous said...

What day do we celebrate Reagan's tripling of the national debt? Or would it be easier and more fun just to celebrate the 17 times he raised the debt ceiling? (Without a war!) Long live conservatism!

John Ruberry said...

Reagan's budgets were DOA because the House was run by liberal Dem Tip O'Neill. The Gipper, despite O'Neill, launched the longest peacetime expansion in American history. He won the Cold War. He made Americans proud again.

Walt Gottesman said...

Thank you Mr. Ruberry, for this post and your historically accurate response to the Anonymous commenter above.

Anonymous said...

Then how did Reagan launch a peacetime expansion if all his budgets were DOA? Maybe you should be licking Tip's boots instead of ronny raygun's. Reagan won the Cold War? LOL! You must be thinking of Grenada. It must be fun to live in such a fantasyland!