Monday, October 27, 2014

Obama czar news: Asian carp Romanov headed to Peoria this week

Illinois River at Chillicothe
Earlier this month the Czar of all the czars, President Obama-vitch, appointed an Ebola czar, Ron Klain, whose chief qualification for the position is that he his a national version of a Chicago ward-heeler. Oh, he also gets sick once in a while.

But other czars exist. Obama has an Asian carp czar, John Goss. He'll be in Peoria this week. The city sits on the banks of the Illinois River, which has been pretty much taken over by the invasive fish. Goss will return to the River City next summer for a carp summit.

When Obama and Goss are out of office, the Illinois River will still be dominated by Asian carp. Sure, the pesky fish still aren't swimming in the Great Lakes yet, but no need to worry: Obama has a Great Lakes czar to prevent that from happening. 

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