Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sun-Times columnist, who claimed Quinn's tax hike wasn't temporary, doesn't like Rauner because he is rich

Unapologetic Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown, who mistakenly reported that Governor Pat Quinn' never said his 67 percent income tax hike was temporary, now tells his readers that he doesn't like the Chicago Democrat's Republican challenger, Bruce Rauner, because he is rich. Yes, Rauner has spent millions of the fortune he earned on his campaign. Has it occurred to Brown that Rauner believes in giving back to the community?

Presumably Brown has no issue with public-sector unions contributing millions to the campaigns of Democrats. Those government union campaign war chests are stuffed with cash from the dues of public workers, who are paid with taxpayer dollars. As state agencies are "union shops," these employees have no choice in whether they want to even be in a union.

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