Friday, October 03, 2014

(Bruce Rauner ad) Wake Up

A few years ago Illinois' hapless governor, Pat Quinn, secretly released--early--230 violent prison inmates.

Retired Chicago Police sergeant Ed Hanlon tells the unhappy story.

The people of the Land of Lincoln deserve much better as their governor--and that person is Bruce Rauner.

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jodi Sjong said...

We need something new! Illinois is so corrupt...where did the honesty go? Did we forget what our patents taught us?

Anonymous said...

Right...and the VERY day Quinn found out about it he stopped it. To have a union man, much less a former police officer, deliberately mislead people & support's just pathetic.
If there is a group with a less savory reputation than former Illinois Governors, it would be the Chicago Police department of the era that Hanlon represents. Wonder what was in it for him.
And now I'll probably get a ticket tomorrow--because that's how it works around here. The lack of self-awareness of this ad would be funny if it weren't so terribly sad.