Thursday, September 04, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday: Unlike ISIS and Russia, Obama looked at BP to discover "whose ass to kick"

BP station in 2010
Do you remember during the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis in 2010 when a worked-up President Obama pointed his righteous liberal figure at the corporation because he wanted to know "whose ass to kick?"

I do.

But don't recall our moral-relativist president using such tough language against Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, who stole Crimea from Ukraine earlier this year. Putin's troops invaded eastern Ukraine last week.

Also last week, the Islamic State beheaded American journalist James Foley. On Tuesday the same psychopaths beheaded another American reporter, Steven Sotloff.

Obama is quite selective when it comes to ass-kicking. Enemies of America don't meet his lofty standard.

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