Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Downtown Chicago: Only 20 people show up for anti-war protest; Oktoberfest music drowns them out

Thayer in 2011
There is hope for Chicago--and America--yet. Longtime local leftist gadfly Andy Thayer called for an anti-war protest early Wednesday evening in Chicago's Loop a few hours before President Obama's speech on how he plans to fight the Islamic State. The rally happened--but not even two dozen people showed up.

From CBS 2 Chicago:
There was a protest outside the Kluczynski Federal Building downtown three hours before President Obama's speech, but it was easy to miss.

Fewer than 20 people took part in the rally, which was drowned out by an Oktoberfest musical show on Federal Plaza. As a result, federal security moved the protesters around the corner to the Jackson Boulevard side of the building.
Oktoberfest 1--Leftists 0.


The Exile said...

Not sure why this gives you hope. It just means that all of the hypocritical Leftists stayed home because it's their guy in the White House.

John Ruberry said...

They came out in big numbers for the anti-NATO summit protests two years ago. In fact, Thayer was one of the group's organizers.