Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Doing the wrong thing: Spike Lee incites race war

Someone needs to remind radical movie maker Spike Lee that the leading cause of death for young black males is murder--and the great majority of those killings were done by other blacks. When African-Americans are robbed, raped, or assaulted, almost always the perpetrators are other blacks.

But Spike Lee continues to deflect blame.

From CBS St. Louis:
Filmmaker Spike Lee says the fatal shooting of unarmed Ferguson teenager Michael Brown is indicative of a national "war on the black male," and that the "uprising" in Missouri is a response to years of racial tension and discrimination between U.S. authorities and the black community.

Speaking with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, the outspoken director said that the African-American community "can't take it anymore" and that he hopes the situation "will really blow up" in order to get the message out that the country has finally hit a "tipping point."
Lee is doing the wrong thing.

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