Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Detroit: Two men arrested for attempting to run over cops

As I stated last week, there is a large segment of our society, the far-left and much of the black community, that hates police officers. Yeah, there are a few jerk-cops out there, but remember, these men and women put their lives on the line every day they show up for work. And if you are sleeping at night and you are awakened when someone breaks into your home, who do you call? Louie your cousin who lives on the other side of town?

Two Detroit cops faced death tonight.

From ABC 7 Detroit:
Detroit Police say two people are in custody after they tried to run officers over with their SUV on Wednesday night on the city's east side.

The incident happened at Berkshire and Nottingham. Things escalated when an undercover cop tried to make an arrest during an illegal gun sale between the two suspects.

Police opening fire when the suspects tried to run them over. One of the suspects was shot in the arm and transported to the hospital. The other suspect was taken into custody.
There are conflicting reports as to whether a crowd gathered in support of the accused.

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