Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Cleveland: Two shot in park just before start of Mayor's Night Out Against Crime rally

Last week I blogged about a Kansas City anti-violence rally that was plagued by fights. This afternoon in Cleveland two men shot each other just before the start of the same type of event.

As I've noted many times in this space, for as long as I remember there have been rallies against violence in rough neighborhoods. They serve only as feel-good celebrations for the organizers.

From Cleveland.com:
Two men were hospitalized after a Tuesday afternoon gunfight footsteps from where community leaders were set to hold an event meant to draw attention to the plight of street violence.

The men, whose names and ages have not been released, got into an argument near a park bench in the northeast corner of Humphrey Park, at Damon Avenue and East 161st Street in Cleveland's North Collinwood neighborhood about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. Both pulled out a pistol and fired multiple shots at each other.
People inside the park, however, barely noticed as red and blue police lights flickered in the background.

Youth football and cheer-leading practices filled the air with whistles and chants, and bass bellowed out from speakers playing a heavy rotation of classic Michael Jackson songs at the Mayor's Night Out Against Crime.
The two shooters/victims were taken to a nearby hospital--there are no reports on their condition.

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