Friday, May 23, 2014

Global warming news: Chicago beaches open with record low lake temperatures, hypothermia danger

Olive Park Beach last summer
The planet has a fever, Al Gore says. Tell that to someone foolish enough to swim in one of the twenty-four Lake Michigan beaches in Chicago, which opened today.

From CBS Chicago:
As lakefront beaches officially open on Friday, the Lake Michigan water temperatures are among the coldest ever for this time of year.

Two weather observation buoys several monitor conditions several miles off shore.

The "south buoy" 43 nautical miles east-southeast of Milwaukee recorded the water temperature at 36 degrees on Thursday, which ranks amongst the coldest temperature recorded for this time of year, the National Weather Service reports.
At the Chicago shore, the water temperature is in the low 50s, which is dangerously cold. Three days ago two southwest suburban men died of hypothermia off of a South Side beach.

America's largest lake is very cold, which is something a scientist can prove without utilizing a phony computer model.

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