Friday, January 10, 2014

Sexual predator Sandusky sues for state pension

Serial sexual predator Jerry Sandusky, the longtime defensive coordinator for the Penn State football team, is suing to get his pension back.

Of course the creep says he's innocent. Perhaps his pension should be restored--and given to his many victims.

From the Christian Science Monitor:
Convicted child sex abuser Jerry Sandusky maintained his posture of innocence at a hearing on Tuesday to win back his revoked pension, testifying that he was accused of "alleged crimes" by "alleged victims."

The former Penn State assistant football coach spoke via remote video link from a southwestern Pennsylvania prison during a hearing in his effort to have his pension restored, despite his 45 child sex abuse convictions.

Wearing a bulky orange jumpsuit, his hands shackled to a belt at his waist, Mr. Sandusky, 69, was the first witness to testify at the hearing before the State Employees' Retirement System in Harrisburg.
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