Tuesday, October 15, 2013

US Forest Service tells private business to stop making money for feds who are broke

It's fall color time in Indiana--and a private business has been told to stop selling passes to people who want to use trails in a national forest.

But the cyclists and horseback riders can still be seen. Where are headed? "Don't ask, don't tell" the business owner tells WBIW-AM:
It is the most colorful time of the year and the federal government wants Hoosiers like Lydia and Chris Johnson to keep out of the Hoosier National Forest. Those visiting the forest say that's crazy.

It sounds even crazier to Rick Hofstetter. The owner of the Story Inn was stunned by a phone call from US Forestry Service.

"We're out of money in Washington so quit making money for us here in Indiana." Hofstetter explained. In other words, quit selling passes? "Yes," he answered.

With a business on the very edge of the forest, Hofstetter sells the government permits horse riders and trail bikers are required to purchase. In essence, a government that doesn't have money says quit making money? "Correct!" says Hofstetter.
Unlik National Park Service land--with rare exceptions--people live on national forests. The "land of many uses" has no gates.

But like NPS land, the national forests belong to the people--and folks are using these lands of many uses--without passes.

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