Tuesday, July 02, 2013

ILL-inois' train to nowhere: Metra head who quit has two raises coming

Illinois is sick in so many ways. Today's affliction is the Chicago suburban rail agency.

From the Chicago Sun-Times.
Former Metra CEO Alex Clifford stands to reap two salary hikes after leaving the suburban rail agency — amounting to what a key lawmaker called "a raise to stay away."
The pay increases, totaling more than 6 percent, cover Clifford for more than two years after a June 21 resignation tied to what Metra Board Chairman Brad O'Halloran has described as a "generous" separation agreement.

Clifford walked in Metra's door Feb. 11, 2010, making $252,500. He was charged with cleaning up the mess of his scandal-scarred predecessor, who killed himself by stepping in front of a Metra train.

Under the terms of Clifford's golden parachute, he could take the next 26 months off and still make a $284,196 annual salary by the end of that time. His total haul over those 26 months could be nearly $750,000, the separation deal indicates.
ILL-inois taxpayers are getting run over--again.

Oh, the state has the highest unemployment rate in the Midwest.

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