Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Illinois corruption 6/11/12: Guilty plea in fraud case involving Rev. Wright's daughter

Trinity United Church of Christ,
Wrights old church
With all of the Obama scandals running amok in Washington,  corruption continues in his adopted home state of Illinois. This case involves the daughter of an old friend of his, the Reverend Jeremiah "God D*mn America" Wright.

From the Chicago Tribune:
A former south suburban police chief is expected to plead guilty to diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars from a state job-training grant to friends and family, her attorney said Tuesday as more charges were filed in the case.

Regina Evans, a former Chicago police lieutenant and Country Club Hills chief, has been in custody since mid-March, when authorities charged her with trying to coax an associate into lying to the grand jury.

"She is planning on accepting responsibility for what she did. She wants to put this behind her," said Evans' attorney, Lawrence Beaumont. "She is a good person. She spent a lot of years working for the community."
In April, prosecutors charged Regina Evans' friend Jeri Wright and accused her of helping Evans to convert cash from the grant to personal use through paychecks. Wright is the daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., President Barack Obama's former pastor.
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