Tuesday, May 28, 2013

(Photos) Great blue herons at Skokie Lagoons

On Sunday the Marathon Pundit family went kayaking in the Skokie Lagoons north of Morton Grove. We saw plenty of wildlife, including Great blue herons.

Great blue herons consume mostly fish, but also snack on amphibians, insects, and small rodents. This bird is found throughout North America.

Near the end of our two hour voyage--I sneaked up on this heron.

And I was able to capture its escape.

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Walt Gottesman said...

Great photos of a great bird! When our daughter was in first grade she named two of the herons that inhabited the slough in Prospect Heights, which she also named "our lake."

Am a long-time occasional reader of your blog John, but first time commenter. Long overdue thank you for your video interview of Joel Pollak a couple years ago. Have been following his career since then.

Thanks for all the good info you provide.

John Ruberry said...

Thank you so much, Walt!