Monday, March 04, 2013

Shot and chaser: Union hypocrisy on the NLRB

Big Labor, big hypocrites,,,


2013: Union Bosses Demand A Fully-Functioning NLRB. “Labor leaders had tough words for the Obama administration and Senate Democrats as they demanded that new members be appointed to the embattled National Labor Relations Board … Union leaders have long argued that the labor board is broken and have failed to keep illegal employer efforts to block union organizing in check … ‘This federation is not going to sit by and wait and wait and wait until there’s a functioning NLRB,’ [CWA President Larry] Cohen said.” (Kris Maher, “Labor Has Tough Words For Democrats Over NLRB,” The Wall Street Journal, 2/28/13)


2007: Union Bosses Demand The NLRB Should Be Shut Down. “The union movement’s discontent with the labor board has grown so intense that several hundred union sympathizers demonstrated in front of the board’s Washington headquarters last month, chanting that it should be ‘shut down for renovations.’ Labor leaders say they would be happy if the board did nothing until a Democrat was in the White House. In addition to the expiration of Mr. Battista’s term Sunday, the appointments of two other members end later this month when the Congressional session ends.” (Steven Greenhouse, “Critics Say Labor Board Favors Business,” The New York Times, 12/14/07

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