Monday, March 25, 2013

(Photo) 2005 Pontiac Aztek--the last year of the car that killed a company

Appearing on almost very "worst car ever" list is the Pontiac Aztek. This crossover, not the waterborne illness of Mexico City, was truly Montezuma's Revenge. The first edition rolled off a Mexican assembly line for the 2001 model year. Sales were underwhelming--just 27,000 the first year. By 2005, annual sales were down to 5,000 butt-ugly cars.

Pictured is a 2005 black Aztek, which I photographed yesterday here in Morton Grove.'s opinion of the vehicle was the most damning, declaring, "It's the very worst car of all time because it's the only car on the list to kill an 84-year-old car company. It's undeniable that the Aztek's utter hideousness drove the biggest and last nails into Pontiac's heavily side-clad, plastic coffin."

Pontiac sputtered along for a few years--until President Obama's takeover of General Motors finally ended its run.

Yes, the Aztek is the car Walter White drove in Breaking Bad.

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