Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beavers, "the hog with the big nuts," found guilty of tax evasion

Former Cook County commissioner and Chicago alderman William Beavers was found guilty of tax evasion this afternoon--after a federal jury deliberated for a whole hour. In a boast of his political might a few years ago, Beavers described himself as "the hog with the big nuts."

Beavers now becomes the thirtieth member of the Chicago City Council to be convicted of a crime since 1972. 

The South Sider was accused of not reporting over $200,000 in campaign funds he used for personal expenses, mostly on gambling at an Indiana casino.

In an interesting side story, Beavers had feuded for years with the now-castrated Jesse Jackson political machine.

Chicago. What a city.

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former chicago resident said...

He will join all the other Illinois politicians already in the big house.It is a shame that a city with the highest tax in America, Record Homicides and shortage of Police Officers and these crooks are stealing money left and right. He got what he deserved.