Thursday, January 10, 2013

Global cooling: "Worst storms in a decade" freeze Middle East

The first under-reported story of 2013 is the winter storms that have clobbered the Middle East.

Perhaps the know-it-all environmentalists were right in the 1970s--a new ice age is imminent.

From the Arab News:
The worst storms in a decade left swathes of Jordan and Israel under a blanket of snow and parts of Lebanon blacked out yesterday, bringing misery to a region accustomed to temperate climates.

Freezing temperatures and floods since Sunday across the region have claimed at least 11 lives and exacerbated the plight of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees huddled in tented camps in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

But for students in countries battered by the snow, rain and bitter winds, the storms meant they could cut classes as authorities ordered schools and universities closed in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan Israel.

With snow blanketing the war-hit Syrian capital Damascus, the education ministry yesterday announced that mid-term exams would be postponed in the country until further notice due to "the prevailing weather conditions."
The article goes on to describe the blizzard that hit Jordan and paralyzed its capital, Amman.

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