Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Friends of President Reagan's Chicago home incorporates

Author at the Reagan home
Mary Claire Kendall announced this morning the incorporation of Friends of President Reagan's Chicago Home on a new eponymous blog.

Kendall says it's time to "Win one for the Gipper." To support the preservation of the only Chicago home of our 40th president, you can send tax-deductible contributions to:
Friends of President Reagan's Chicago Home
P.O. Box 3772
Washington, DC 20027-3772
Through a surrogate, the University of Chicago, which owns the six-flat at 832 E. 57th Street, filed for a demolition permit of the Reagan home last month. But the City of Chicago has placed a 90-day hold on the tear-down.

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1 comment:

Cal said...

I'll have to write something. It would be a shame if such a place wasn't preserved.