Sunday, January 20, 2013

Clueless column: Biden author says second Clinton inauguration came after impeachment

Writing that Bill Clinton's second inauguration came after his impeachment would be something that Joe Biden would conjure up. But it was a Biden biographer, Jules Witcover, who did so in a column in today's Chicago Tribune:
Bill Clinton's second inauguration came in the wake of the sour taste of his House impeachment and Senate acquittal, only through the mercy of enough Senate Democrats willing to vote for it while figuratively holding their noses over his personal behavior and abysmal judgment.
Clinton's second inauguration was in 1997, he was impeached in late 1998. The rest of the column is "Fiskable." For instance, Witcover writes that President "with some justification" continues to blame the crappy economy on his predecessor. Left out of the analysis is that Obama's big government policies, at least in my opinion, are at best smothering economic recovery. And while it was hardly a peace with honor, Richard Nixon did pull all American combat forces out of Vietnam after his second inauguration. Witcover says that Nixon did not fulfill his campaign promise to end the war.

UPDATE 1:30pm CST: Not to be outdone, yesterday Biden said "I'm proud to be president."

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