Sunday, December 30, 2012

Detroit News op-ed: Jump off the fiscal cliff

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Nolan Finley, a Detroit News columnist, believes that the honest thing to do is to jump off the fiscal cliff.
Since his re-election, President Barack Obama is claiming that the people voted for his vision for the nation. I won't argue with that. He won, and voters knew exactly what they were getting for another four years.

But they shouldn't be allowed to pretend that Obama's plan for institutionalizing the expansive government he created in his first term can be accomplished without a cost to every single taxpayer.

The president keeps telling the lie that his agenda can be funded simply by taxing the upper middle class and wealthy.

Chug that Obama Kool-Aid if you want, but if the final fiscal cliff negotiations raise the full $160 billion a year from upper income earners the president is requesting, it will still leave roughly $800 billion of his annual spending plan unfunded.
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