Monday, November 26, 2012

(Photo) US Route 93 in Arizona and the freedom to drive everywhere

US Route 93 in Arizona
One of the great things about America is the ability to travel quickly from one part of it to another.

Last winter Mrs. Marathon Pundit and I flew to Las Vegas. After a couple of days there we rented a car and drove to the Grand Canyon--and  back again.

Pictured on the right is a photograph I took--yes, Mrs. Marathon Pundit was driving--of US Route 93 at sunset in Arizona. We were just two miles away from Lake Mead and Nevada.

In the liberal version of America--trains will be our primary form of long distance transportation. Unlike cars, however, trains don't go everywhere. Heck, even buses can be chartered. And the Obama trains aren't really high-speed rail trains.

Oh do the libs love trains. When my driver's licence renewal form arrived in the mail a few weeks ago--Illinois' secretary of state is a Democrat--it included a schedule for that money-losing government boondoggle, Amtrak.

It's a liberating feeling to know that should I decide to, I can hop into my car, turn the ignition, and in several hours I will be on Michigan's Upper Peninsula--or in the hills of Kentucky. But if President Obama's Energy Secretary Steven Chu--who doesn't own a car--achieves his onetime publicly stated goal of forcing Americans to pay European-level prices for gasoline, that liberating feeling could be extinguished

Europeans pay more than double what we pay for gas.

Of course "freedom to drive everywhere" isn't part of the Bill of Rights. But that freedom is certainly part of the American psyche.

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