Saturday, October 06, 2012

Yes he built that! Horslips: The Man Who Built America (Video)

I posted a video of Horslips' "The Man Who Built America" twice before, including an acoustic version, but that one was pulled by its user.

So it here it is, somewhat less bombstic, once again.

Man, five weeks before Election Day, do we ever need this song.

As I've done previously I want to zoom in on these lyrics, which poetically describes American Exceptionalism:
See him driving those golden nails
That hold together the silver bars
That one day gonna take us to the stars
'cause he's the man who built America
Yes, the Man Who Built America did build that.

Horslips, an Irish band, was years ahead of its time--it performed Celtic Rock in the 1970s.

Below you will find the rock version of 'The Man Who Built America' and ponder the meaning of "a million miles from his starting place."

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