Sunday, October 21, 2012

(Photos and video) Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival

The third annual Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival concluded yesterday evening--I was there at dusk.

Highwood's mission: 32,000 pumpkins or bust.

The pumpkin city.

Men, women, and children at work.

I posted this picture of the Mitt Romney pumpkin last night. The current world record for carving pumpkins--and lighting them--is 30,919, held by Boston, the state capital of Massachusetts. Romney of course is a former governor of the Bay State. Last year Highwood thought it had bested Boston--but its results were tossed by Guiness World Record officials on a couple of technicalities.

Also gunning for the record was Keene, New Hampshire. But the Union Leader reports that the Granite Staters fell short, carving and lighting only 29,381 pumpkins. Highwood at the time of this posting has not released its 2012 tally.

Look for both the efforts of both towns to be show on HGTV's "Pumpkin Wars" special--on Halloween of course, hosted by the Property Brothers.

Tools of the trade next to the Hay Lee pumpkin.

Awaiting the lighting...

This anxious pumpkin is awaiting the final results in Highwood.

And finally, my video report. Technorati tags:    

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