Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Rest in peace Dave Logan--ThirdWaveDave

Dave Logan 1956-2012
"And, Father Cardinal, I have heard you say. That we shall see and know our friends in Heaven." Shakespeare's King John.

This evening I have some very sad news for you. Dave Logan, better known as blogger ThirdWaveDave, passed away this morning at the age of 56 after a long struggle with chronic myelogenous leukemia.

While we will miss him here, he's busy in Heaven catching up with old friends.

ThirdWaveDave was born in Urbana, Illinois and spent some time a bit further north in Kankakee before he did the most patriotic thing any American can do--he joined the military. He eventually settled in Folsom, California.

Logan was a conservative, a tea partier, but of course most of all a patriot. Besides his blog, he was best known as the longtime producer of the Andrea Shea King Show on BlogTalkRadio. It was she who broke the news of Dave's passing. Ironically, Mrs. Marathon Pundit and Little Marathon Pundit drove past Urbana this morning on Interstate 57 on their way to Memphis. Which brought me back to the summer day two years ago when I was behind the wheel of that same car in Colorado--and we couldn't ascertain how drive up those beautiful mountains without the vehicle overheating. I remember Dave writing on his blog about the many times he drove through the Sierra Madre mountains--so I called him for advice on how to conquer the Rockies. He calmly told us what to do.

Now ThirdWave is looking down on us. Your work is almost done.

But there is one more thing for you to do, Dave. Wait for your other friends--because we shall see and know you in Heaven.

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Anonymous said...

That's very sad. God Bless him.