Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jesse Jr. found! He's in Arizona being treated for alcoholism (UPDATED) Or is it a mood disorder?

According to Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL), whose office announced he is being treated for "exhaustion" two weeks after he began care--but after the filing date for independent candidates to run against him--is in Arizona. receiving treatment for alcoholism and addiction.

Junior will have quite a bit of explaining to do when he gets out. Not only in regards to the timing of these revelations, but also as to why his office issued press releases with quotes from the congressman as well as the Tweets made under his name after his treatment began.

UPDATE 6:25pm CDT: According to an AP Tweet, Junior's office, his ailment is a mood disorder. And both Jackson's office and his wife, Sandi, a member of the Chicago City Council, are denying the Andrea Mitchell report.

NBC 5 Chicago has revised its story--it says that it was an error to say that Junior is being treated for addiction, but at least for now it is sticking with the alcohol part of its report.

Also, an earlier version of this post mentioned that Jackson voted against the ObamaCare repeal earlier today. That is incorrect. I had found last year's vote. Sorry 'bout that.

And finally, while both stories could end up being false, the burden of proof should be high in regards to Junior's office. It was they who first used the Hollywood canard of "exhaustion," and belatedly so, as I explained earlier in this entry.

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