Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Video: Police defeat Occupy Milwaukee day after Scott Walker win

Left-wing Wisconsinites were unable to oust Republican reform governor Scott Walker from office yesterday. In response, this evening Occupy Milwaukee did what it sort-of does best. It held a rally and a march.

Oddly enough they didn't do these things on the day before Election Day--probably because the polls had predicted a Walker victory. I'll have more on that rally, which was held in Pere Marquette Park on Old World Third Street in downtown Milwaukee, tomorrow.

Only about 120 people attended the event. Apathy appears to have settled in among Milwaukee lefties.

The goal of the march was to reach the Milwaukee County Courthouse--but police kettling techniques kept the protesters in the area of Old World Third Street. The occupiers, including some Black Bloc anarchists, engaged the Milwaukee Police--some of the cops were mounted. Challenging cops on horses is monumentally stupid. A videographer from Maggio News told me he saw one horse step on an occupier, but apparently that demonstrator was unharmed. The lead marchers, as you will see in my video, seemed obsessed with tripping up the horses with their long black banner. Or were they mocking them--as if it was a bullfight? It's hard to figure these people out--and perhaps it is maddeningly impossible to do so.

The occupiers finally gave up at Zeidler Park, which is just a few blocks south of Pere Marqette Park. As with the Occupy movement overall, the march didn't get very far--even though they hiked a couple of miles. And of course Walker is still governor. An impromptu second rally was held at Zeidler--where it was announced that three occupiers had been arrested during the march. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that four were arrested--all for disorderly conduct. I was able to capture two of the busts in my video. A collection had started for bail money in the park--and that was my cue to drive back to Illinois.

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