Friday, June 01, 2012

(Video and photos) Polish-Americans protest Obama at Chicago fundraiser

On Tuesday President Obama posthumously awarded World War II resistance fighter Jan Karski the Presidential Medal of Freedom. But during his remarks about Karski, he referred to "a Polish death camp." There were only Nazi death camps in occupied Poland.

The White House announced today that the president sent a letter of "regret" to the Polish president--not an apology. Remember, Obama is a serial apologist for America--but apparently he draws the line with his own mistakes.

Also today Obama held six fundraisers, three of them in his hometown of Chicago. About a dozen Polish-Americans protested Obama outside the Chicago Cultural Center in the Loop, the site of one of those fundraisers.

This woman says that Obama's written apology is a good first step, but...

"Obama: You're a lecturer, not a leader." So true.

A proud Polish-American.

Bob, a Polish-American from Chicago's North Side asks, "Obama: How many Polish-Americans are in policy making positions in your administration?" The answer is "Zero."

I interviewed Bob. He is also demanding "a real apology" from Obama and wants that apology "via the same medium" the president used when he wrongly referred to the Polish death camps--which of course means that Bob wants to see it on television. Last year on Memorial Day I wrote, "Polish-Americans are among the most patriotic people I know." They expect better from the president of the United States.
And finally, watch the president's huge convoy as he arrives at the fundraiser. Obama conducted no official business in Chicago--will the campaign reimburse the US Treasury for the cost of his visit?


Tregonsee said...

I am certainly no supporter of Obama, and am an amateur history student of WWII. However, I have been trying to recall whether I have ever said, or even though, "Polish death camps," meaning death camps in Poland. I can't honestly say I haven't, but will certainly never make that linguistic mistake. :)

Anonymous said...

Lech Welesa is a hero - did O turn him down as he was afraid of the comparison?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for covering this. It is a shame that more of us were not on hand for the protest.

Marathon Pundit said...

There will be other opportunities for you to express your outrage.