Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shame: Occupiers trash home they squatted in--they wrongly thought it had been foreclosed on (Video)

Here's the latest atrocity by the criminal Occupy movement: Last summer Gloria Canson, who could no longer make mortgage payments on her home, moved out to spare herself the indignity of being forced to leave by her lender.

Then about a dozen Occupy Portland members squatted in her home.

However, she never received an eviction notice and the home had not been foreclosed.

More from OregonLive:
Friday morning, as Portland police ushered the squatters out, Canson met the people who left her home trashed. The occupiers say they were protesting Bank of America, which they thought owned the house. The bank -- not them -- ruined Canson's home.

"Don't take advantage of the people you're supposed to be helping," Canson, cool and collected, told them. "And don't hide behind the premise that it is ethically and morally wrong for the banks to throw you out. Because what you're doing is equally as reprehensible."

In fact, Canson's loan was with Bank of New York. County records clerks say they sent Canson default notices -- not an eviction notice -- in September and January. And records show Recontrust Co., a foreclosure-servicing subsidiary of Bank of America, planned a foreclosure sale in January.
Then Canson decided to sell her 'occupied' home.

She went home in March but found the squatters living there. The occupy protestors even had started receiving mail. They signed up for the Internet. Bryan Wiedeman put the water bill in his name. A bill left in the house indicated he owes $530. Wiedeman was arrested at Canson's home last month on charges of vandalizing ATMs and banks, part of Occupy Portland actions.
The squatters changed the locks, and in the home police found anarchist literature, information on picking locks, along with a list of vacant homes in the area.

Canson doesn't want to move back into her destroyed dwelling.

"I'm sorry there was confusion as to whether this house was empty," a squatter unemotionally tells the owner in the video. Earlier, she stridently attempted to order reporters out of the home she had no right to be in.

What happened to Canson is tragic.

In the top-related post, you will read about Occupy Seattle squatters trashing a house--and that one wasn't foreclosed upon either.

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