Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pics from the post-recall Occupy Milwaukee rally you won't see in the establishment media

I'm a bit tardy, but I finally found time to post my photographs from last Wednesday's Occupy Milwaukee rally and march. It occurred the day after the left's devastating loss in the Scott Walker recall race. Which is why I've dubbed this event a defeat party.

If the occupiers were rational--which they are not--they would have held this demonstration on the day before the recall election. But with OWSers, protests are what they live for--not elections. Which is why the Occupy movement is now just an ineffective rump of anarchists, socialists, and union bosses.

With the Tea Party, the protests are secondary, elections are our primary front of action.

We win, they lose.

One of the union bosses who spoke was Gilbert Johnson, the president of AFSCME Local 82. My video of his vile race-baiting remarks has gone viral. Of course the mainstream media is ignoring it--which is why their audience continues to hemorrhage.

This is what I call the LoserMobile. In addition to the two anti-Scott Walker bumperstickers, there is a Russ Feingold one--the ultra-liberal Democratic senator was defeated in 2010 by Republican Ron Johnson. And you'll see a Tom Barrett for governor sticker--we know what happened to him--and below that is a JoAnne  Kloppemburg for state Supreme Court bumpersticker. She was defeated by incumbent David Prosser. Liberals lined up behind Kloppenburg--it was hoped that she would rule to overturn Walker's budget repair bill that weakened Wisconsin's overreaching public-sector unions.

The rally was held in Pere Marquette Park in downtown. I snapped this photograph about 5 minutes before the rantings began. I figure the occupiers numbered about 125 or so.

This flag has more than 50 stars.

The first Students for a Democratic Society fell apart in 1969. A splinter group, of which Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were part of, became the Weather Underground. As with the first SDS, the new one is a also a socialist bunch.

The Black Bloc anarchists. As is their wont, they were the most troublesome of the marchers.

The liberal blog FireDogLake, commonly referred to as FDL, has been an incessant cheerleader for the Occupy movement. Until recently, that is. There are no OWS articles on its front page this afternoon.

Exactly which laws are 'racist' and 'anti-worker?' During his rant about the "tea bag," Gilbert Johnson emitted, "What you have is a bunch of haters, people that tell lies, people that want to go back to the '50s. White man rule. White man only."

For the left, cries of racism are their last refuge of offense.

I only saw a few union T-shirts at the rally. Big Labor's rank-and-file are bailing on the Occupy movement too. This man is from the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1473.

The woman is from SEIU Local 150. But how can you be "stronger together" when there is just one of you?

You can't have an Occupy rally without that commie murderer, Che Guevara.

The Black Bloc on the march. In my video, you will see them confronting mounted police officers repeatedly. Not smart...

Of course the occupiers didn't have a permit for their march.

These misguided women favor amending the US Constitution so to invalidate the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. Ain't. Gonna. Happen. Because that means overturning part of the First Amendment--part of our Bill of Rights.

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Jump Street said...

Count again. That flag has 50 stars.

Jump Street said...

Also, the Tea Party originally stood for getting money out of politics to give the voice back to the people. Citizens United does the opposite. You've turned into the Republican Party's useful idiots.

John Ruberry said...

Looks like 60 stars to me. As for Citizen's United, when is Big Labor going to take its money out of politics? The chiefs issues of the Tea Party are to cut government spending and to rein in government overreach.

Anonymous said...

This guy John needs to get his head out of his ass! big labor money .... labor money is about 1/10 of the money super packs have for the fucked up Republican Party have in this! Hay dumb shit do you have any clue on what part of the U.S. workforce is "Big Labor"? Its less then 14%! that's real big labor... smaller group than ilegals working in the u.s. They are coming for you coward Republicans too so you better watch out for them too!

John Ruberry said...

I live in Illinois. Big Labor already has ruined this state. Our Democratic governor, collected over $5 million in public-sector union cash for his 2010 election campaign. That cash came from dues money--which comes from taxpayers--it's an unholy alliance.

Job growth, by the way, is strongest in right-to-work states.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again John dues money comes from the members and not a cent of tax payers money and right to works states lead in the lowest payed jobs growth in U.S. so please move to a right to work state and try to feed your family..... you will become one of the working poor just like the Republican Party want you to be and powerless to fight back .....and want to talk about money in Wis for the walker recall the super packs for the Republican Party out spent "big labor" dems 15 to 1 or around 300,000,000 money there taking out of the taxpayers pockets and not there own! An wanting to use even less of there own and more of the workings mans by cutting there own taxes once more! So wake up and learn some facts! And i to live in Illinois and once more you want to use "big Laber " as your problem. look up the facts there are more ilegals working in this state then union workers!wonder who is a bigger drain on the state?Its not big labor! Wounder who pays more taxes in this state? I bet its big labor .....your a fool

Jump Street said...

I can't believe I'm teaching a neocon how to count.

Each 9 on the flag consists of 12 stars.


Each circle on the % consists of 8 stars.



And the / part of % has 10 stars.

40 + 10 = 50. Good job, neocon. Perhaps you should rethink your stance on the role of teachers and public education in America.

Jump Street said...

And, sorry to doublepost, but do you honestly just not know how unions work? No, taxpayers do NOT pay for union dues. Union members pay union dues.

The fundamental difference between what is provided by Citizens United v FEC and union heads endorsing candidates is that at NO point in the history of unions have they ever held as much capital as the corporate interests that pushed Citizens United through. At no point were union heads lobbying to make working conditions worse, or to poison drinking water, or to keep the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign children legal. Sure, union heads aren't at all ideal. Hell, find a union member who isn't pissed at the top-tier of their union and I'll find you someone who is related to someone in the top-tier of their union! But unions simply do not have the same powers granted to them as corporations do.

When I marched with the Tea Party in Chicago some years ago, TEA didn't stand for republican party BS. It stood for "Taxed Enough Already" and everything about the movement was about money in politics and money out of our pockets. Stop pretending you didn't see people trying to end Citizens United v FEC in Chicago in 2009. Stop pretending people weren't talking about constitutional amendments in 2009. Stop pretending people weren't modifying American flags or calling themselves part of a revolution.

The dichotomy in American politics has brought you to your knees. You have successfully been turned against your brothers and sisters.

Here's a reminder of where you and I came from. I don't know where we parted.


It's worth noting, neither one of those flags have 50 stars on them.