Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekly GOP Address on the lack of a Senate budget from Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin delivers today's Weekly GOP Address. The federal budget--or lack of one--was the topic of his speech.

"It has been over 3 years since the Senate passed a budget," Johnson says here. "Think about that. Even though families and most businesses produce budgets to help control their finances, the largest financial entity in the world is operating without one. Why? Because Democrats in the Senate refuse to be held accountable. They either don't have a plan, or they simply do not want their fingerprints on one."

He adds: "For his part, President Obama has done nothing to encourage the Senate to pass a budget. Just this week in the Senate, the President's budget lost by a vote of 0 - 99. Last month, it failed in the House by a vote of 0 -- 414. And last year, his budget lost 0 - 97 in the Senate. This is a stunning repudiation of his leadership."

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