Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Video: Adam Andrzejewski at the 2012 Chicago Tax Day Tea Party

After being introduced by Eric Kohn, a member of the leadership team of the Chicago Tea Party Patriots, Adam Andrzejewski, a Republican candidate for governor in 2010, discussed the organization he founded, For The Good of Illinois.

Oh, Andrzejewski is pronounced "Angie-EFF-ski."

Of the Tea Party, the successful businessman said with pride, "I believe our freedom and liberty movement is the most significant political movement in this country in the last 150 years."

He also spoke about the only president born in Illinois. "And it was said in the 1970s that capitalism was dead--that communism was the way forward," Andrzejewski recalled. "And without firing a shot, Ronald Reagan defeated communism. We're Americans and we do impossible things."

Do you want to know how much an Illinois public official is paid? Andrzejewski told the crowd that there is a web site for that--OpenTheBooks.com.

I just visited the site--it's a treasure trove of information and I plan to utilize it often for my Marathon Pundit research.
Reagan birthplace, Tampico, February 6, 2011

Early in his speech, Andrzejewski gave a shoutout to Denise Cattoni, the state coordinator for the Illinois Tea Party.

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