Saturday, April 21, 2012

Utah Senate: Liljenquist forces Hatch into primary; my 2011 Liljenquist video

Reporting from FreedomWorks' BlogCon in Charlotte, NC.

A seminar on legal issues at BlogCon was interrupted with the announcement that six-term senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, has been forced into a primary election against former state senator Dan Liljenquist.

The conservative bloggers cheered.

Hatch needed sixty percent of the vote at the Utah GOP convention--he only captured 59.1 percent. FreedomWorks endorsed Liljenquist, who spoke at the last BlogCon in Denver.

I videotaped that speech, which you can watch here.

"When I was a two years old, a young man in Utah stood at our convention and said, '18 years is plenty of time somebody to serve in Washington,'" Liljenquist told the attendees last autumn. "Even accounting for inflation, 36 years is enough" he added.

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