Friday, April 27, 2012

USW video: Too dumb to serve in the House? Ex-Dem congresssman doesn't know about provisional ballots

Former Democratic Tennessee congressman Lincoln Davis said he was wrongfully purged from the voter rolls. He discovered he wasn't on the list of registered voters where he has voted since 1995.

Perhaps it was a big mistake, but Davis, who says he's "been involved in public service all of his life" didn't know that he could have used a provisional ballot to exercise his franchise during last month's Tennessee Primary.

As he boasts in this professionally-produced United Steel Workers video, in addition to serving in Congress, Davis is also a former state representative, state senator, and mayor. How many campaigns has he been involved in? While I don't expect a member of the general public to know about provisional ballots, surely Davis should. I strongly suspect that he's manipulating what could have been an honest error into a political issue because of Republican efforts to crack down on vote fraud by passing voter ID laws and combatting ghost registrations.

Occupy Chicago, Nov, 17, 2011
Or he's simply dumb. In 2010, Tennessee voters--smart ones, I'd like to add--sent Davis packing. The Democratic incumbent was able to collect just 38 percent of the vote.

Turn off the waterworks, USW and Davis. Stop the crocodile tears.

Tennessee sure has some goofy Dems.

Next: USW voter ID video.

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