Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Springfield biz leaders give Scott Walker standing ovation; union members play hookie and protest him

Old State Capitol, Springfield
The day after his lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleesfisch, spoke at the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin came to the belly of the Prairie State beast--Springfield. He gave an address to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel--and he was greeted by a standing ovation. Outside the property three or four thousand union members--why were they not at work?--"unwelcomed" the reformer. Based on the signs in this pic--some of them were public-sector workers.

Your tax dollars at play.

Illinois' hapless governor, Pat "$8 Billion Deficit" Quinn dispatched something called Team Quinn to "unwelcome" Walker on his behalf--by issuing a press release with dubious claims.

The day before, many Illinoisans, including the author, filed their state income taxes--and they were reminded that their rate went up by 67 percent last year.

Wisconsin, as you will learn in the related post, no longer has a budget deficit.

The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama is supporting Walker in June's recall election. Click here to contribute to their efforts.

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