Saturday, March 17, 2012

Video: Rick Santorum's message to Illinois conservatives

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum spoke in front of an enthusiastic crowd of supporters in Arlington Heights, Illinois yesterday evening, at a school that was a perfect setting for the former Pennsylvania senator--Christian Liberty Academy.

I'll be uploading more videos, but since his concluding remarks--directed at Illinois voters--won't be so timely after Tuesday, I thought I'd begin with the end, so to speak.

A slightly hoarse Santorum--who is a graduate of Carmel High School in Mundelein, Illinois--told the crowd of about 1,000, "For the next several days...for the next several days, you can shake up this race--like no state can shake it up."

"No one, no one, is expecting us to do well here in Illinois," Santorum said, "we are being outspent ten to one."

"Conservatives don't have much of an opportunity in Illinois to speak...don't have much of an opportunity to get statewide folks nominated--or elected--who are conservatives," Santorum told the supportive crowd. "But you do," he continued. "You can make up for all of that frustration. You can make up for all of the slights by the leaders of this party here in Illinois."

And oh, I can tell you. There have been many slights.

Santorum is a powerful speaker. I expected good, but I got great. More later--although YouTube has been buggy since last night.

McHenry County blog reports on the rally here and Publius does so here.

UPDATE 4:30pm:

Click here for Illinois Review's story on the Santorum event.

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