Friday, March 23, 2012

Video: Mitt Romney on Hispanic conservatism

Two nights before his victory in Tuesday's Illinois Primary, Mitt Romney held a town hall meeting in Vernon Hills, Illinois. During the rally news broke that the former Massachusetts governor was the victor in the Puerto Rico Primary. Which gave Romney, with his wife Ann at his side, the opportunity to discuss Hispanic conservatism.

Romney informed the crowd--of which I was a part--that the governor, the speaker of the House, and the Senate president on the island are conservatives.

"Their policy, first of all," Romney said of the conservative trio, "was to shrink the size of government. They've reduced government jobs by 36,000 in the last two years."

Taxes went down too--there are no capital gains or death taxes, and home buyers, Romney said, don't pay real estate taxes for the first five years they are owners.

This year's home sales are up 50 percent this year.

"Conservative principles are applying in Puerto Rico," he declared.

Romney continued, "And those people who don't think that Latinos will vote for Republicans need to take a look at Puerto Rico and see there that conservative principles and Latino voters go together. And the Hispanic voters are going to vote for Republicans if we stand for something."

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