Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Occupy occtrocities: Leap Year Day edition

Marathon Pundit in Cancun
Today is Leap Year Day, but our first occtrocity involves a possible eviction of an Irish Occupy group before St. Patrick's Day.

Did you hear about the 'wealthy banker' who left a one percent tip on a three figure bill with the comment, "Get a real job." It's a hoax. And there is an Occupy Wall Street tie-in with this story.

Our Department of Homeland Security is keeping tabs on OWS--but they view it as a peaceful movement. They're delusional.

Irish Times: Occupy protesters asked to leave before St Patrick's Day
BBC: Occupy Southend churchyard protest ends
WorldNetDaily: Occupy, Nation of Islam hold joint rally
Another anti-Occupy protest. Windham Patch: 'Occupy Jobs' rally to counter Obama stop
Palm Beach Post: West Palm Beach pushing Occupy protesters out after four months
Huntington News: COMMENTARY: 'Occupy' movement is a failure
MidlandsConnect: Occupy Columbia ban up for debate
OWS Exposed: CPAC panel discussion – Tea Party versus Occupy (video)
Aging hippy alert. Brisbane News: Susan Sarandon lauds 'Occupy' movement
FreedomWorks: The Lean Forward Files: Occupy edition
Hot Air: Video: The 1% tip hoax
WHAM-TV: Park not as occupied
Stockholm News: Occupy Stockholm evacuated
Less Government: Occupy Wall Street? Obama pledges to again join with the 1% and buy a bailed out Chevy Volt
Portland Mercury: Police: Expect arrests during Occupy's F29 march
Weasel Zippers: The Good: DHS kept tabs on Occupy Wall Street – The bad: Called them a "peaceful" movement…
An Occupy ally. OWS Exposed: Anonymous plans for 'violent revolution' – warns of 'bloody mess'
Common American Journal: Ben & Jerry will pay anarchists to #Occupy
LabourUnionReport: #Occupy Phase II begins: Protesters to 'shut down' corporations Wednesday

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