Friday, January 13, 2012

Occupy Seattle squatters trash vacant house: Graffiti, garbage, and bottles of urine

"It's just not right to go into a place that you don't own and trash it," the owner of a Seattle house told Fox 13 Seattle.

But the Occupy squatters who moved into that home live by different standards.

They spray painted graffiti on the walls, threw garbage on the floor, and for reasons only an occupier can understand, collected bottles of urine. Drug paraphernalia was also left behind.

It was "kind of a flophouse situation" according to a man representing the owner of the dwelling.

Yep, just like the Tea Party.

When a reporter asked one of the OWSers who should pay for the clean up of the home, his reply was, "You should pay for it."

A SWAT team had to remove the peace-loving protesters.

To fully appreciate this horrible story, watch Fox Seattle's video report.

The owner was planning to renovate the home for--wait for it--low income tenants.

UPDATE January 14: OWS Exposed found the Fox 13 Seattle video on YouTube.

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