Friday, January 13, 2012

Obama Friday news dump: White House knew Solyndra layoffs were planned before 2010 elections

Washtenaw County, Michigan
I mark time by the Obama Friday news dumps. If there isn't one on Friday, the sun doesn't rise on Saturday morning, I believe.

Today's embarrassing White House revelation that they are attempting to sweep under the rug to take advantage of the news cycle is that Obama aides knew before the 2010 midterm elections that their crony capitalism beneficiary, Solyndra, would layoff workers soon.

After the election workers got their pink slips.

Two months ago other documents revealed that Department of Energy officials--not the White House proper--sought to delay the layoffs until after those elections--where the Democrats were thrashed.

Solyndra of course is the firm that received over $500 million in federally guaranteed loans which is now closing its doors.

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