Friday, January 27, 2012

Homeless man dies at Occupy Claremont, 10th death for movement

A homeless man, Phillip Greene, was found dead at the Occupy Claremont camp three days ago in suburban Los Angeles.

A police seargent told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, "But he is not part of the Occupy camp."

Gregory Toliver, who the paper says is a member of Occupy Claremont, tells a different story in a Daily Bulletin video.

"We lent him one of our empty tents to sleep in...we set him up in one corner or another of this site," Tolliver said. "He like all of the homeless people here has been dependent upon us for friendship and care and concern," he added.

It's a sad ending to a tragic life.

And it is an Occupy movement death--he camped there, he died there--which the paper is obscuring. Greene was the brother of a journalist at the Daily Bulletin, who is also now deceased.

There have been 10 deaths since the Occupy Wall Street movement began in September.

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