Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Occupy occtrocities: Christmas vandalism edition

Daley Plaza, Chicago
Nothing is sacred to the Occupy Movement, not even Christmas. Many new occtrocities this morning.

Weasel Zippers: Occupy Wall Street goons trash Albany capitol lights display on Christmas Eve, cause $25,000 in dmages…
Powerline: #OccuFail: Albany update:
Mediaite: Occupy Nashville forced to explain fist fight on Christmas Day
LA Times' Politics Now blog: Four years later, Obama's supporters ready to occupy Iowa
OWS Exposed: Infiltrating a Colorado ‘Occupy’ teach-in
KMTR: Occupy Eugene campers almost all vacated, private security takes over patrol
Weasel Zippers: Occupy Wall Street-supporting hacker group "Anonymous" tells members to plan for "Violent revolution to overthrow government"…
American Power: Occupy Wall Street Plans 'American Spring' to bring U.S. 'One step closer to revolution'
AP: Demonstrators pitch tents on councilor's lawn following Occupy Eugene eviction
Big Hollywood: Russell Simmons: From Occupy Wall Street to… St. Barths?
Gateway Pundit: Howard U student pushes #Occupy Movement as way to improve economy (video)
A meddlesome priest. Weasel Zippers: Archbishop of Canterbury uses Christmas sermon to push class warfare, says rioters no worse than bankers…
Moonbattery: Occupy Wall Street Christmas cheer
American Power: Occupy Wall Street: Anti-semitism, socialism, crime and public defecation
Newsbusters: Open Thread: Showdown looms between 'Occupy' Movement and Dem convention
Atlas Shrugs: Jewcidal J Street part of Soros' radial web: Tied to Occupy, MoveOn, ACORN
Bloodthirsty Warmonger: Nancy Pelosi checks into $10,000-a-day suite in Hawaii; Occupy protesters keep their mouths shut
American Power: Democrat Elizabeth Warren is 'Occupy' candidate for U.S. Senate
Tri-City Herald: Occupy protesters losing 99 percent's sympathy
Los Angeles Times: Police beef up security for Occupy Rose Parade protests

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Donald Douglas said...

Nice roundup. I'm working on a post and will link you later.