Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Occupy Las Vegas Obamaville and its Palestinian flag

The decline and fall of the Occupy Wall Street tent cities, which James Taranto calls "Obamavilles," has been well documented, but not all of them have been plowed under. Occupy Las Vegas' Obamaville, located roughly halfway between the Strip and the campus of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, is still around.

What this? The Gaza Strip? No, it's the west entrance of Occupy Las Vegas, what its occupiers like to call Area 99. Where they are camped is an old parking that was adjacent to a building that probably was torn down to make way for something that would be bigger and better--prior to the start of the Great Recession--which has hit Vegas hard. But the Palestinian cause has nothing to do with our economic struggles.

Here's an ugly fact: There is a persistent strain of anti-Semitism within the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Area 99 port-a-potties. From left to right they read Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and J.P. Morgan.

Occupy Vegas from its east entrance. Mrs. Marathon Pundit and I stayed in the middle of the three towers, the Signature at MGM Grand.

I counted 35 tents at Occupy Las Vegas. Although when I visited Monday, it was largely devoid of people. Most of the leftists had already left for southern California to raise hell at the Occupy Wall Street port shutdown. Oh, here is some refreshing news: Area 99 has a permit for its site. Other Occupy movements: Are you paying attention?

Two bumperstickers: "Ron Paul 2012" and "We Are The 99 Percent." When is Ron Paul going to denounce the Occupy Wall Street movement?

No solar power? No wind power for Area 99?

The Occupy Las Vegas library offers hope: There are many books written Robert Heinlein, who was a conservative.

The east entrance of Area 99 greets visitors with a Palestinian flag too.

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y weiss said...

So what's your point?
That OWS is bad?
In that they support the cause of ending the occupation in Palestine they join not only Obama but G.W.Bush, and Clinton and G. Bush Sr. and possibly Reagan. They are also in line with many Israelis who would like to see an end to the occupation. Is this evidence of antisemitism?
Do you think that the rapidly growing gap between the rich and the poor in the U.S. is desirable. If not, what's wrong with OWS?
What I can't understand is why the Republican candidates are falling over each other trying to offer the wealthiest Americans and corporations more and more tax breaks. Who will pay for the deficit? Who will pay for public services?
There used to be sensible conservatives. W.F Buckley, W. Sapphire. Ron Paul too is a principled conservative. But these other guys, give me a break!

Marathon Pundit said...

Find me a pro-Israel OWSer.

Sorry, but there at best is a tint of anti-Semitism within your movement. At best.

George W. Bush had conditions, such as an end to terrorism and a solid recognition of Israel by the Palestinians as conditions for a Palestinian state.

By the way, I thought your movement was about "greed."

As for taxes, if you do a search of Marathon Pundit, you will learn that I was a harsh critic of the tax breaks signed into law by our hapless governor, Pat Quinn, for Sears and the CME Group. They were threatening to leave Illinois. I favor lower corporate taxes--for all business. And for individuals. Yes, even you!

Conservatives favor smaller government...you guys want pre-Margaret Thatcher British socialism.

That gap between rich and poor has narrowed, by the way.

Ron Paul's fiscal policies are pretty good, his foreign policy is wreckless.

As for Reagan, only Harry S Truman was more of a friend to Israel.