Monday, October 31, 2011

Poll: Americans oppose gov't picking and losers in business

This afternoon a Massachussets energy firm, Beacon Power, filed for bankruptcy protection. It received a guaranteed Department of Energy loan--just as the defunct solar panel manufacturer Solyndra did.

However, before that news broke, a Tarance Group poll conducted for Heritage Action for America was released that showed Americans are against the federal government "picking winners and losers."

From Heritage Action:

Nearly three quarters of voters (72%) oppose the federal government choosing which companies within a certain industry will receive financial subsidies, with a majority (53%) strongly opposing; 65% believe that Solyndra's bankruptcy is a perfect example of why the federal government should not be in the role of picking winners and losers, no matter what industry or company it is in; 60% of respondents agree that when private investors don't want to risk losing their money then that's proof that the government should not invest in that company.
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