Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Morton Grove's restored tallgrass prairie, part three

Four months ago uploaded my first entry in series about Morton Grove's restored tallgrass prairie in the Linne Woods Forest Preserve. Part two was posted a fortnight ago, unfortunately that one concerned the mowing of a football field-sized patch that was mowed down.

Now it's time for part three.

In March this field was brown, with a few patches of snow.

Butterfly weeds, so named because they attract butterflies, are in abundance not only in the restored prairie, but throughout Chicago's northern suburbs this year.

Woodland sunflowers sometimes can be found away from the forest.

And deer can sometimes be found in prairies.

Maximilian sunflowers can be found throughout the Great Plains, but its range veers east into Illinois.

My last series post included a picture of yellow coneflowers. Here is their purple cousin.

Next: More flowers.

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