Friday, July 01, 2011

Herman Cain will visit John Wayne's birthplace Sunday

Wayne banner, Winterset, IA
John Wayne is looming large over the 2012 presidential race. Michele Bachmann asserted she was born in "John Wayne's America" earlier this week--although she mistakenly said the Duke was born in Waterloo, Iowa. He was born in Winterset, which is where another GOP hopeful, Herman Cain, will be on Sunday, the Des Moines Register is reporting. His itinerary includes a stop at Winterset's Godfather's Pizza restaurant--Cain is the former CEO of the chain.

Wayne's preeminence in the Republican contest would have pleased the conservative actor. In May, the Register's Jennifer Jacobs wrote of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, "He's seen by some Iowa Republicans as a beefy, Jersey version of John Wayne who demands unflinching reform - and as a corporate candidate that business leaders would like and trust."

The Bridges of Madison County was partly filmed in Winterset.

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