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Ronald Reagan Trail: The town of Eureka

Woodford County
My Ronald Reagan Trail series heads into a new direction. Not just north and west, but there will be less Dutch Reagan and more about the towns on the trail. When Reagan and his brother Neil headed home to Dixon from Eureka College, they would ride along in the cars of friends--or even hitchhike. Oh, anyone who hitchhikes in the 21st century needs a serious talking to about not hitchhiking. We live in vicious times.

So the towns of the ride home from college get their turn now.
Woodford GOP headquaters

Eureka College's campus is a about a mile south of the center of the town of Eureka, which is dominated by the stately Woodford County courthouse--it was built in 1897.

Reagan would like this--the Woodford County Republican Headquarters is on Main Street--the road from campus--and is in sight of the beautiful courthouse. US Route 24, which begins in Clarkston, Michigan and ends near Minturn, Colorado, passes through the center of Eureka and is appropriately known as Center Street. US Route 24 takes us to the next stop on the Reagan Trail--the town of Washington.

UPDATE June 29: I just discovered the Reagan Trail YouTube channel. The Eureka selection gives a visitor's perspective of the Reagan Museum, which I wrote about in my prior post in this series.

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