Friday, May 20, 2011

Cardinal reinstates onetime Obama spiritual advisor Father Pfleger

Fr. Cronin memorial,
Skokie, IL
That meddlesome priest, Father Michael Pfleger, a racebaiter and demagogue, has been reinstated as pastor of St. Sabina's Church on Chicago's South Side by Cardinal Francis George.

In 2004, Barack Obama listed Pfleger as one of his spiritual advisors. George suspended the longtime media gadfly last month after the priest alluded that he might leave the Catholic Church.

Look at the plaque on the right. It's a memorial to another Catholic priest, the Rev. Charles E. Cronin, who served a seven year term as pastor at Skokie's St. Peter Church. Seven years. With rare exceptions, Chicago archdiocese priests are limited to one term as pastor at a parish. Pfleger, utilizing bombastics and whining, is serving his fifth term at St. Sabina.

In a statement posted on the archdiocese web site, Pfleger says he is "committed to the priesthood and the Catholic Church."

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