Wednesday, September 01, 2010

SEIU goons fail to disrupt Joel Pollak fundraiser

Blogging from the Joel Pollak fundraiser in Chicago.

Just as Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) began his keynote address, several SEIU goons tried to enter the ballroom where a fundraiser for Joel Pollak, the Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois' 9th District.

They chanted "Hands off Social Security!" Of course, Ryan and Pollak want to save it. The doors were shut in their faces. As for Ryan, he quipped, "I didn't know there would be some Minnesota Vikings fans here!"

Ryan is the author of Ryan's Roadmap for America.

Pollak just noted that Schakowsky voted to cut funding for Medicare and food stamps.

Pictured above is Pollak, in the dark suite. Ryan is wearing beige.

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tracyJ said...

heh heh heh :D
"goons" is a nice way to describe them